Dental Implants

Teeth are an important part of your daily life and play an important role in both aesthetics and function. It is unfortunate when teeth cannot be restored to function and require removal.


We use the latest dental implant technologies and techniques to recreate your smile to restore function and aesthetics. It is highly predictable and with one of the highest success rates in medicine and dentistry (over 98% over five years) you can be confident that you will get the next best thing to teeth.

It does not matter how long the teeth have been missing, your age, the size of the defect or the location in the mouth. We can restore single spaces, larger spans to full mouth rehabilitation. There are normally a few options for methods of tooth replacement and all options will be discussed, a full written report produced and all costs will be explained in advance.

We offer an in house finance option which you can spread over 5 years to make paying for treatment easier to manage.

The dental implant procedure is carried out under under local anesthetic and sedation can also be used. For simple cases, over the counter pain killers for a few days is sufficient to keep you comfortable, and if larger surgical procedures are required then appropriate pain killers and advice will be provided.


All out treatments come with a complete peace of mind. All costs are provided upfront and there are no surprises. Any treatment carried out at out clinic is guaranteed for one year and there is ongoing protection after this time for a small fee. The fee will cover a full replacement if the implant is lost for any reason (excluding for cancer treatment, or other medical condition for which an implant will be contraindicated) and implant assessment twice per year including any necessary radiographs.

We provide 0% finance

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